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Big Pack (78 Cubes)

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Big Pack includes 78 Cubes in total.

- Get three 24-cube Santo Box and one 6-cube sampler box.

You may pick between our 9 different delicious flavors for your 24-cube boxes. One flavor for each: Caramel, Amaretto, Vanilla, Mocha, Cappuccino, Hazelnut, Dark Roast, Light Roast or Decaf.

* Get Free Founder's Mug 


Santo Cubes® involves the traditions and wonders of Colombian coffee and is naturally processed without any additives or preservatives, using new development techniques to add simplicity to your coffee experience.

Important Facts:

  • Our Coffee Cubes are made with 100% Colombian Coffee
  • Our Coffee is hand picked and made with traditional natural techniques and organic flavors without any additives or preservatives
  • Our Cubes are sweetened with evaporated unrefined sugar cane (Panela), making it healthier and nutritional
  • We support coffee growers and farmers families in Colombia for a better quality of life


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